GE Logiq S8 Ultrasound Machine

The GE Logiq S8 is a high-end multi-purpose ultrasound machine designed for abdominal, vascular, breast, cardiac, small parts, 4D, obstetrics, gynecology, neonatal, pediatrics, urology and transcranial applications. The Logiq S8 is extremely light and compact and looks visually very similar to the Voluson S8, Voluson S6 and Logiq S7. The Logiq S8 is the replacement to the popular Logiq 7.

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GE Logiq S8 Probes/Transducers:
Convex Probe
C1-5-D [1-6MHz] C2-6b-D [2-6MHz]

Intra-Cavitary Probe
IC5-9-D [3-10MHz]

Micro-Convex Probe
3CFR-D [1-6MHz] 10C-D [4-12MHz]

Linear Probe
9L-D [2-8MHz] 11L-D [3-11MHz] ML6-15-D [4-15MHz] L8-18i-D [4-15MHz]

S1-5-D [1-6MHz] M5S-D [1-5MHz] 3Sp-D [1-5MHz] 6S-D [2-8MHz] S4-10-D [3-9MHz]

Real-time 4D
RAB6-D [2-8MHz] RIC5-90D [3-10MHz]

6Tc-RS [2-8MHz] P2D [2MHz] P6D [6.3MHz]