G-scan Brio

The Tilting MRI: The Key To Confidence

Revolutionary MRI approach increases diagnostic accuracy and confidence for all musculoskeletal applications.

G-scan Brio: Adds Weight To Your Diagnosis

G-scan Brio offers a revolutionary MRI approach that increases diagnostic accuracy and confidence for musculoskeletal applications. With experience gained from first generation G-scan systems, Esaote developed G-scan Brio, a completely renewed Weight-Bearing MRI system featuring a new look, new ergonomics and new acquisition techniques.



More Detail, Better Accuracy, Greater Confidence

Esaote’s new G-scan Brio is a tomographic MRI system that allows the study of all joints as well as the spine, either in a clinostatic (supine) or orthostatic (weight-bearing) position because both the magnet and patient can rotate from 0 to 90 degrees. Thanks to G-scan Brio’s innovative design patients can be scanned in a weight bearing position to facilitate MSK diagnosis for those pathologies that are subject to change due to body posture and position, like lower back pain.

G-scan Brio Reveals What Supine MRI Misses

Many symptoms and pathologies occur or are emphasized when patients are in a weight-bearing position.
Conventional MRI may not demonstrate the pathology related to these symptoms, but G-scan Brio gives you a new point of view so you can accurately diagnose MSK pathologies affected by weight-bearing position.

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