MyLab™ One

MyLabOne: Designed Around You

The MyLabOne is a revolutionary high performance arm-held ultrasound scanner with a 12″ full touch-screen display. Due to its lightness and portability, it can be used even without a worktop, in complete autonomy by a single operator.

The MyLabOne ultrasound system reflects perfectly today’s need for diagnostic capabilities in many different fields of application: Radiology, Cardiology, Phlebology, Womens’ Healthcare, Orthopaedics, Regional Anaesthesia, Sports Medicine, Interventional, Rheumatology, First-aid, Emergency, Vascular screening, General Practice.



Intuitive: User Interface Fully Operator-Oriented

  • Easy
  • Dedicated
  • Full Touch Screen Technology
  • Large Ultrasound Image
  • Preset Driven
  • Focus Touch Technology

The intuitive touch screen provides the user with quick and easy access to all controls. Add impressive image quality and a compact design to make MyLabOne the most dedicated and focused solution for Point-of-Care ultrasound.


ultrasound techFast: At Point-of-Care Whenever You Need It

Thanks to the compact design and integrated long-life battery, MyLabOne can easily and quickly be taken wherever ultrasound is needed from departments to bedside.

  • Compact And Mobile
  • Long-Life Integrated Battery
  • Wireless Connectivity

Optimal Workflow

The wireless connectivity standard integrated in MyLabOne offers the unique possibility to archive exams and receive patients’ information wirelessly between procedures, minimizing the time required for exam and patients’ data management.


Multi-Probe Connector

An elegant three-transducer module allows up to three transducers to be connected to the MyLabOne system, with active transducer selection via software.

Built-in Transducer Controls

At the end of procedures, MyLabOne can be easily and quickly cleaned, thanks to its flat front panel and smooth profile.
The unique controls integrated into MyLabOne transducers allow remote function control, which is especially useful for quick actions and in sterile conditions.

Easy To Clean

At the end of procedures, MyLabOne can be easily and quickly cleaned, thanks to its flat front panel and smooth profile.


Dedicated To Point-of-Care Without Compromise: Designed Around You

Dedication to Point-of-Care means focus and attention to specific applications, inspiring technological developments that bring the most effective solutions. MyLabOne combines software with a user interface and features that are fully designed around the application. Plus, a complete set of accessories makes MyLabOne perfect for any clinical environment and workflow.

  • Wide High Quality Image
  • Efficiency Oriented Workflow
  • Intelligent Interface
  • On-Board Libraries
  • Easy Connectivity And Data Sharing
  • Dedicated Presets And System Configurations
  • Reports
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