Introducing the star performer in MRI for extremities. O-scan retains Esaote’s tradition for outstanding image quality, imaging simplicity and user friendliness.

O-scan Premium is the extremity MRI of choice for sites that require high throughput, improved workflow and advanced applications.

O-scan Light delivers quality MRI while respecting specific budget or workload constraints thanks to the extremely low costs/scan.



O-scan: Engineered for Performance, Designed for Comfort

O-scan is the ideal solution for extremities MRI.

O-scan offers a complete range of high quality imaging capabilities for extremities while providing an optimal patient experience, thanks to its unique ergonomics and open design.

It represents the ideal response to today’s healthcare requirements: patient comfort, quality, fast exam times and efficient workflows.

O-scan: Dynamic MRI

Esaote Dynamic MRI can reveal occult impingements that are difficult or impossible to see with standard static MRI. Functional assessment provides an additional tool to improve patient care in particular in high-level sports medicine.

O-scan: Impressive Image Quality

O-scan retains Esaote’s tradition of outstanding image quality, throughput and friendly operation.

O-scan is a high performance system comprising the latest MRI technologies for advanced applications like MAR and high-resolution 3D acquisitions.


O-scan: The Power Of Comfort

O-scan features a very compact magnet with comfortable patient chair and covers all limbs and joints such as the knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow.

It offers maximum patient comfort, no claustrophobia, and runs from a standard wall plug.


O-scan, Breaking Traditional Barriers

O-scan designed for high through-put in Radiological settings and Orthopedic practices. It can easily work alongside whole body scanners in Radiology departments, allowing you to improve your work flow and provide an optimal patient experience.

In orthopedic centers it can give direct access to MRI without having to make another appointment, saving time and cost for both the patient and the healthcare provider.

Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only.