S-scan dedicated MRI represents the latest development of Esaote’s tomographic MRI.

S-scan: The Next Step In Office MRI

The Complete Musculoskeletal MRI That Makes Sense

The S-scan with eXP Technology, covers all musculoskeletal anatomy from foot to shoulders, including the L and C-spine. It is perfectly in line with today’s need for efficient and economic health care and is a sensible choice for any practice with a substantial musculoskeletal work-load.

S-scan integrates Esaote’s years of experience in the development and production of dedicated MRI systems and is a complete and efficient solution that’s specifically optimized to meet the demanding needs of MSK professionals.



Esaote, Market Leader In MSK MRI Systems

Musculoskeletal MRI the second most requested MRI study behind neuro imaging. Esaote’s focus is MSK MRI and we have become the world leader in that area. Esaote systems are used daily in many clinics and hospitals all over the world for routine clinical use as well as for research. Esaote systems are unique as they are extremely easy to use and combine excellent image quality with optimum patient comfort.


Efficiency With S-scan

S-scan is an efficient MRI system that’s easy to use, with simple patient workflow that cost-effectively delivers outstanding image quality. Its open design and real-time image display on the gantry facilitates fast and easy patient positioning. With DICOM worklist, network integration, and no cryogens, S-scan’s small footprint makes MRI efficient and cost effective, whether you perform one or twenty examinations per day.

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